The Center for Afro-Brazilian - American Cooperation

Generating Resources

Our Mission

Levantamos’ mission is to develop partnerships between Americans and Afro-Brazilians focused on eliminating inequality and provide technical and financial assistance to Afro-Brazilian community-based organizations


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Generating Resources

Levantamos generates financial resources to support nonprofit community organizations in several ways:

(1)    Through direct fundraising and funding via our grants program;

(2)    By channeling donations from individual and corporate donors to pre-existing programs that the donors themselves  have identified.  Levantamos can also help donors identify reputable and deserving organizations to receive such directed contributions; and,

(3)    By working on behalf of Brazil-based organizations to seek direct funding from U.S. foundations.

Levantamos does not fund individuals nor does it fund-raise on behalf of individuals; we can, however, provide technical or programmatic support to a group of individuals and make Levantamos’ network available to them on a case-by-case basis.  For example, see information on our support for Afro-Brazilian students at Morehouse College.

Direct Funding

Levantamos concentrates its direct funding initiatives on grassroots organizations that historically have not had access to some of the larger, mainstream funding sources.  To receive a grant, the organization must complete an application for funding.

In this application it must provide:

  • Proof that the organization does not operate for profit or is an affiliated project of a Brazilian not-for-profit

  • Information about the organization’s mission and accomplishments

  • Information on the proposed use of funds

Levantamos staff conducts site visits before organizations receive funding and again six months after the organization receives a grant. Levantamos requires each grantee to report how it used the funds during a specific reporting period.  Levantamos’ ties to the Afro-Brazilian community in key cities in Brazil enables it to thoroughly investigate donor-identified organizations and ensure that donated funds are used appropriately and in accordance with Levantamos’ mission.

Levantamos anticipates that in April 2019 it will announce a request for proposals to award grants for projects in late 2019.