The Center for Afro-Brazilian - American Cooperation

Facilitating Exchange


Levantamos’ mission is to develop partnerships between Americans and Afro-Brazilians focused on eliminating inequality and provide technical and financial assistance to Afro-Brazilian community-based organizations


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Facilitating Exchange

Upcoming Programs

Levantamos is facilitating an upcoming exchange program for historically disadvantaged Brazilian youth entrepreneurs, which will help Levantamos continue our mission of increasing Afro-Brazilian and American cooperation through social, cultural, and economic exchanges. The program will bring five Afro-Brazilian youth entrepreneurs (between the ages of 18 and 25) to Washington, D.C. for a week long exchange focused on entrepreneurship and small business development. Upon return to Brazil, the youth participants will participate in a business plan competition and be awarded startup funds for their business enterprise. Applications for participation will open in April 2019.

Past Programs

Levantamos seeks to foster people to people exchanges between Afro-Brazilians in Brazil and North Americans.

  • Women to Women in Business Exchange, funded by U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs – Six African-American female entrepreneurs partnered with six Afro-Brazilian female entrepreneurs to develop business plans. Women shared challenges and successes of entrepreneurship and developed ways to improve business. Partners with local São Paulo NGO Integrare.


Past Women to Women in Business Exchange partners:

Ilha de Mare Lacemakers – on the island of Ilha de Mare, which was a former quilombo, these women participated in the women to women business exchange to develop entrepreneurship on the island, make their lace products viable and generate income, as well as preserve tradition.

Coopertane - is a cooperative of women in Salvador, Bahia, who make products from recycled paper. Coopertane head, Magda Almeida, participated in Levantamos’ first Women to Women business exchange, and one of the fruits of her participation has been the introduction of her products to the U.S. market.